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How not to let your mind stray because of fear/uncertainty

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Recent activity on Dec 03, 2018
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Asser asked on Dec 02, 2018

Well, this might be a general problem that anyone would face during any event in their life. However, during my live case interview preperation I noticed how easily I could be overwhelmed.

To be more precise, when I ask for a moment to structure my frame, I spend most of the time thinking about how much time I lost (and not actually thinking about how best to crack this case in hand). It is really hard to focus clearly and type down any kind of logical framework. Moreover, even if I had the framework set, I feel my energy gets down, and can't articulate my thoughts clearly and confidently.

Well, I don't need a psychotherapy analysis of my situation :D . I know that this might be normal for lots of people depending on the different situations they face.

However, I would appreciate any recommendations regarding that problem. Please give more than "be calm" , "don't worry", "What's the worst that could happen?" .. etc... Because I already baked all this in. You may advice me to have more practice because that's how people improve.

What can I do more besides practicing ? What recommendations/books could give me insights to get to be always UP amongst uncertainties?

Thanks a lot :)

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Anonymous replied on Dec 03, 2018

Hi Asser,

I can also recommend techniques like meditation and "fear setting" to sharpen your mind and put worries into perspective.

Meditating, especially using mindfulness-based techniques, will give you a tool to focus your attention, quiet the voices inside your head and calm down. Look up "MBSR" (mindfulness-based stress reduction), the name Jon Kabat Zinn or the book "Search Inside Yourself".

For "fear setting", you can search for "fear setting, tim ferriss" or also watch this TED talk:

Best of luck,


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replied on Dec 02, 2018
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

Take things one at a time, just focus on the next little question. This is called "compartmentalization", and is one of the tools that special operations (Navy SEALS, Marine Recons, Rangers) and special forces (Green Berets) trainees use during their training to not be overwhelmed and quit.

Many of us have been there, we understand your plight. Good luck

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updated an answer on Dec 02, 2018
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Can not provide the exact solution, but think of decreasing pulse / heartbeat (symptoms) to influence the root-cause



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replied on Dec 02, 2018
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