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How do externships work?

Bain externship MBB
Recent activity on Sep 11, 2018
1 Answer
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Anonymous asked on Sep 11, 2018

Have been looking particularly at the opportunity to do an externship with Bridgespan with Bain, but can't seem to find information on whether this is an integrated opportunity into the Associate Consultant role or something that you would need to apply for.

My questions would be:

1) How do you go about organising an externship?

2) Can you do an externship in a different country?

3) How soon into joining a company would you generally do an externship?

4) Do externships work differently across MBB?

Any insight/relevant experience would be appreciated!

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Anonymous replied on Sep 11, 2018

1) Companies generally are aware that consultants are looking to do Externships, so often advertise these types of roles (e.g. project manager for an initiative for 6 months). Yes, you have to apply to them, and they can be very competitive. Bridgespan specifically has a strong relationship with Bain, so there are quite a few spots every year, but this is certainly not guaranteed.

2) Yes, they can be anywhere in the world as long as they are an approved employer

3) Depends - at least at Bain you have to be at the company at least 1 year before exploring any flex options (e.g. Leave of absence, short-term transfers). I have seen it happen at multiple levels, from associate consultant to case team leader (junior manager)

4) I have heard that process is a bit different at McKinsey in terms of approved employers, but you will need a McK person to give you details.

Hope that helps!

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