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How can I prepare for my MBB internship and what to expect?

Anonymous A asked on Feb 26, 2017 - 3 answers

Hey guys! I landed an internship at McKinsey which will start in a few weeks. I am wondering now what to expect? Did anyone else do an internship at MBB and can tell me their experience? How should I prepare myself for it? I appreciate any advice you can give! Thanks!

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updated his answer on Mar 03, 2017
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Hi Anonymous,

as already mentioned, a review of Power Point and Excel may be useful for a good start. A couple of things that could be useful instead during the internship are the following:

  1. Take notes when your manager tells you something – this will help you to remember details and will show you care about them to the team.
  2. Ask for feedback every two-three weeks – this will show you are proactive and willing to learn.
  3. Always, always, always double check. First impression is very important in consulting: if you show you are reliable from the beginning, you will create a reputation of a reliable person.
  4. Ask for help when in difficulties – better to let know you are in trouble with meeting a deadline then missing the deadline.
  5. Be social and respectful with the support staff – these people are great and influential as well in the company.

Eric and Elias also provided some good points here:




Astrid replied on Mar 01, 2017
PrepLounge Community & Marketing Manager

Hi Anonymous A,

thank you for asking your question on our Consulting Q&A!

In case you haven’t seen it, I found this old thread that might be interesting for you before you start your internship. It is about what you will learn during your consulting internship.

Our expert Dolf mentions the following:

  • Solving complex problems and structuring uncertainty

  • Working with a highly capable, small team and learn to achieve high output in short time

  • Understand typical problems large corporate clients face in today's environment; get involved in high-stakes topcis/projects/decisions (as opposed to joing large companies in line functions)

  • Getting to know how decisions are made in big companies and how they work

  • Build technical skills: Building models, developing and structuring top-management presentations, presentation skills

  • Learn fast by continuously iterating through new projects in new teams, and getting instant feedback from team members

Francesco adds:

Time management:

  • Learn how to deliver results respecting deadlines, cutting unnecessary details

  • Understand how to estimate what you could actually achieve given the deadline you have

  • Learn how to define appropriate work-life balance

C-level interaction:

  • Understand how to participate (although not interacting directly) in management meetings of billion-dollar-companies with the right attitude

  • Learn how to interact with people with a lot more years of experience that you have with the right attitude

  • Understand company cultures and values and adapt to them

New skills:

  • Become a pro with Excel

  • Become a pro with Power Point

  • Develop knowledge of 3-4 completely different sectors in 3 months

Team working and communication:

  • Learn how to communicate with a superior and with peers

  • Develop listening skills and ability to double check your own analysis

  • Understand how to use your point of strengths to help your team to achieve the best possible results

Elias makes sure not to forget:

  • See if the consulting life with its constant travels, high pace and often grueling hours is the right thing for you

I hope this helps!

I wish you a great start for your internship!


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Anonymous B replied on Mar 01, 2017

If you got the internship in the first place, you should already have the necessary requirements, so you don’t necessarily have to prepare anything. Don’t stress out too much, try to make a good impression. Buy a good suit, shoes, shirt, tie. The only thing you could do to prepare, is to improve your PPT and excel skills, because you will be doing a lot of that during your internship. Good luck!

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