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Hello sir, i am an undergraduate and currently applying for an internship at Bain & company. While filling up for application, my preferred office is asked and office preference (%). Can you please guide me about what to fill in that field, as my application has come to a pause, and I am afraid that due to this I might miss the opportunity. Thankyou

Someone asked on Feb 18, 2018 - 3 answers
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replied on Feb 18, 2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years

In addition to what others said, I would add that is important that the % are not equally distributed. Ideally you want one of your three choices to have >50% as preference %. This shows that you are committed to an office to recruiters.

Vlad replied on Feb 18, 2018
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You should estimate your chances to get into a particular office. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Visa / work permit. For internationals, McKinsey will sponsor visa only if you are an MBA graduate or rare specialist
  2. You own country preference
  3. The difficulty of getting into a particular office - here I recommend checking with your friends in a company. For example, in the US it is hard to get into New York and San Francisco offices but much easier to get into Texas or Atlanta. For New York, a great alternative may be New Jersey.


Francesco replied on Feb 18, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

I agree with Vlad. I would add that if you apply for an office abroad and you do not have strong connection with that office/country (meaning you haven’t worked or studied there, or your don’t have a referral from there) your chances to be considered there will be pretty slim.



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