Free chat with staffing manager before final round interview

Anonymous A asked on Aug 24, 2019 - 3 answers

Hi guys,

I'm a final round candidate (EP) at one of the tier 1 firms. Recently, I got an invitation from my recruiter to have a 'free talk' with a staffing manager at the office which I applied to (the one who will map me to projects if I get hired eventually) about the case staffing process and discuss about my background before the final round interview. According to the recruiter, it's just a casual chat, not a fit interview and has no implication on the recruitment outcome.

I'm perplexed why the firm does so before giving out the offer. Is it a common practice? Anyone out there has similar experience?


3 answers

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Francesco replied on Aug 26, 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

this is definitely not usual. Since HR mentioned your will discuss your background, I would still properly prepare for that – until you receive an offer all the interactions can be used for your evaluation, whether formally part of the process or not.



Anonymous B replied on Aug 26, 2019

They may use your answer to pick your interviewer

Vlad replied on Aug 25, 2019
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It's not a common practice, however, it can be the local office specifics. Don't stress too much - you'll know it soon.