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Anonymous A asked on Feb 02, 2018

Hello Prep Lounge,

I was the person who posted the question on Phone Call with MCK Engagement Manager

So i was told to arrange with this with his secretary and somehow things have taken a turn where his secretary got the impression i am meeting with the manager on a 1-2-1 basis and booked a room and 30 mins time for it.

Should i clairfy with his secretary or should i take advantage of this? Very tempted to just go there in person to attend this meeting, but i dont want to give bad impression to the manager,

What would you do ?


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replied on Feb 02, 2018
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Agree with Bruno.

Ask if having a live discussion was his intention and expectation or if the room was booked just for him to have a place to take the call without distractions and in a silent place (this is most likely why room was booked).

Make sure invite either includes a phone bridge or has a "EM to call candidate at [phone number]" or viceversa. If no number is included ask whether you should call and what is best number to reach at or if they want to call and give your best number to be reached at.


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updated an answer on Feb 02, 2018


If your arrangement with the EM was clearly for a 15min phone call... I just see two options: (i) you go back to him, explaining the situation and trying to check if he's ok with having the 30min in person chat; (ii) clarify with his secretary

If I was the guy I wouldn't be particularly happy if you just decided to show up on something completely different from what you both agree on (and pls don't assume that he actually saw the mistake and his ok with it; high chances he didn't notice at all if he has a crazy agenda as most have!). Anyway, trying to take advantage of this situation, when someone already offered some of his time, seems disappropriate to me personally.




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replied on Feb 03, 2018
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Agree with Bruno, you should not waste the time of the manager if he has not personally invited you to a live meeting. You should clarify it with his secretary.


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