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Do Consultants in an interview also get a copy of candidates supporting documents (i.e. transcripts & employment certificates etc.) from HR and they check everything or do they only get your CV and cover letter etc. at MBB?

Anonymous A asked on Mar 04, 2018
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Vlad replied on Mar 05, 2018
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They do it after the interview:

  1. HR will check your transcripts after you get the offer
  2. Security service will check your background, if you have equities in other companies, employment records, etc. They may call prior employers undercover to check some info, but they will be just checking the details of your employment, not your performance.


Anonymous replied on Mar 04, 2018

Hey anonymous,

At least at McKinsey, interviewers will just be given your CV - no other docs, definitily no transcripts.

What can happen in some exceptional and very rare circumstances (eg, a highly specialized experienced hire) is to call to your references if there’s any point they would like to clarify on



Francesco replied on May 31, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

consultants don’t check transcripts or supporting documents, that’s done by HR as screening after an offer is extended.


replied on Mar 04, 2018
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Only CV at BCG too