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Dear all, how long does it usually take for consultancies to respond?

Anonymous C asked on Jun 23, 2018 - 4 answers

Thing is, I sended some of my applications more than two weeks ago. While I received invitations for interviews from some companies within 3 days I `m still waiting for others.

Kind of giving me a bad feeling because it appears to me that interview invitations will be sent out fairly quickly while rejections take a longer time.

NB: I`m appliyng to German offices

Thanks for responding!

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Tyrion Lannister replied on Jul 10, 2018
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Dear Anonymous A,

Just wanted to chime in with a data point: in my case, it took me about three weeks after application submission to receive my invitation to first round interviews at BCG.

That said, I do agree that responses (both invitations and rejections) from the top firms are sent out fairly quickly.

Good luck! :-)

replied on Jun 23, 2018
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nothing to worry about - how fast consultancies get back to you depends on the pile of applications they have built up. At times, that pile is simply too large to get back to applicants within a few days. I'd say, it normally takes around two weeks, but it may take longer to get back in selected cases. However, I don't think there is a particular pattern, when it comes to the question whether they are going to invite you or not (in fact, it should be easier to send out an automated rejection email than to call you to invite you for an interview).

So, even if it hard, just be patient. They will get back to you eventually. It may make sense to get in touch after around four weeks, just to clarify, whether they received your application.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous replied on Aug 11, 2018

Hi! Did you finally hear back from all of the consulting firms? How did you apply (referall/firm website/job search website)? If you've already had any interviews, any advice would be great! I am planning to apply to consulting firms here in Germany in September and am looking for any advice I can get :)

replied on Jun 23, 2018
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It varies significantly, even by the office within one country. It may be from a couple of days to a month in the most popular offices. You can call them and check if it takes too long