Dalberg's Notch Interview

Anonymous A asked on Nov 19, 2017 - 3 answers

I have to appear for Dalberg's Notch Interview of 15 minutes in 4 days. Anyone from the community who have had the chance to get this experience. Any suggestions or preparation tips specific to Dalberg?


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Anonymous replied on Jan 16, 2018

Hi there, I was wondering how it went? Same case with me and want to be prepared- would love it if we could chat over direct message!

Ishita replied on Oct 08, 2019


I gave this interview last Saturday and got selected for the final round.

The interview was done over Skype and has four sections:

1. Know yourself section, they'll ask you to describe yourself

2. Basic Quant and Verbal

3. Know you experiences, they'll discuss your stories

4. HR question

Hi Ishita! I have my Notch interview this week. Would be amazing if we could discuss more over chat/LinkedIn. — Vipin on Oct 20, 2019

Hi Vipin, sure, reach out to me at ishita7077 in LinkedIn — Ishita on Oct 20, 2019

Hi Ishita, unfortunately I'm not able to find you. Could you tell me your full name? I'll search for that Or I'll leave my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vipin-antil-65a57b78 — Vipin on Oct 20, 2019 (edited)

I have my interview tomorrow. I would really like to know the kind of Quant and Verbal Questions asked. Would it be possible to reach out to you or chat on linkeIn. — Aayussh S on Oct 22, 2019

Anonymous B updated her answer on Dec 01, 2018

Hi, How did it go? it would be very helpful if we could chat about it on private message as I have the same in a few days.


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