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Cover letter review

Rita asked on Feb 08, 2019


I have my cover letter written and made multiple friends proofread it.

Still, I would be happy if someone from the consulting field could read it and gives me his or point of view.

Thank you very much!

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replied on Feb 08, 2019
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As discussed multiple times here in the past, cover letters are often not even read. I'd be glad to glance at it though, pm me

Anonymous A replied on Feb 13, 2019

I must say i find it interesting that former MBB consultants mentioned that no one reads CL's.

Unfortunately, I had a very unpleasant convo at DT, as the consultants on both 2nd and 3rd round interview told me that i sent a "very generic and uninteresting CL, might consider not sending it at all, unless you are willing to put effort in drafting it properly".

To be honest though, at Mck or Atk no one mentioned the CL's but it is still mandatory to submit them...

Vlad replied on Feb 08, 2019
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Feel free to PM, but you are paying too much attention to that. The companies do not care that much about CLs

Maybe it is a bit different hère in France, a gréât focus is put on the cover letter — Rita on Feb 08, 2019