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Tobias asked on Apr 11, 2019
Engineer with Leadership experience in Non Profit

I just moved to Malaysia and entered the process with one MBB firm.
As a Bacher with 3 years of work experience, it has been quite difficult to get into the process with other firms - since most firms are looking for MBA/Master Grads or experienced professionals.

I don't want to put all eggs in one basket - and my research so far has not brought good results:

Can anyone recommend:
1) Some strategy consulting firms operating in Malaysia/Singapore
2) Advise me on which websites I might be able to find some.

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replied on Apr 11, 2019
McKinsey & Company | Private Equity | M&A | Case Math Expert | Asia | Google | Complimentary Extensive Prep Materials

Hi Tobias,

Welcome to SEA! :) To address your two questions:

1. Most large global consultancies actually have a presence (and office) in both Malaysia and Singapore. These include the likes of MBB, OW, ATK, LEK etc. To my knowledge, several boutique strategy consulting firms, such as QVARTZ, AlphaBeta, Gingko Consulting, Lizana & Company, Eden Strategy Institute etc., also have a strong presence in this region. It would really depend on whether you have a specific interest in any industry / specialization, and whether you would be keen in joining some great regional boutiques or would prefer stick to the larger-known brands!

2. I found this forum / list which could be helpful in your research:

Also, as a caveat, the suggestions above are mainly based off my observations as someone living in Singapore :) Perhaps someone who has experiences working in Malaysia's consulting scene could share more relevant insights to your current situation!

Wishing you a great time in Malaysia~

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Tobias on Apr 12, 2019

Great insights regarding SEA and especially Singapore - thank you tons Regine!

Anonymous replied on Apr 11, 2019
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McKinsey & Company | Private Equity | M&A | Case Math Expert | Asia | Google | Complimentary Extensive Prep Materials
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