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Anonymous A asked on Apr 16, 2021


I am an engineer who is considering a Master in Management degree in Europe from a top-ranked school, and I am interested in the Consulting sector. I will mostly return to India after the degree owing to language concerns, and I had a few doubts regarding the firms:

1) Do the major consulting firms in India recruit graduates from abroad, or do they only select candidates who studied in India? What should I do to improve my odds?

2) What are the language requirements in the Indian offices? Is English sufficient or is Hindi or Tamil or Marathi required?

3) Is there any contact between the offices of consulting firms in different countries? Will the networking in Europe be of any assistance?

4) How is the quality and type of work done by consulting firms in India compared to Europe and the US? How is the office culture?

5) How are the exit opportunities and general working conditions?

Thank you all in advance for your replies

on Apr 18, 2021
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on Apr 18, 2021
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Hey, why dont you directly message Coaches on PrepLounge who are based in India. They surely will be a better position to advise on your specific questions.

You can search easily here by location-

From my perspective, my only challenge back to you is that if you are sure of working in India for Consulting companies, why take the trouble (time off, financial hit & very likely online classes mostly) of doing an MiM (and not MBA) in Europe which is still battling with COVID and situation is unlikely to get back to any normal before 2022. Unless you have thought this through and have a good plan, I dont see the point. You are better off doing an MBA in India and get campus hired or network your way in without the MBA.


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Anonymous A on Apr 18, 2021
I would also like to target some firms in English speaking parts of Europe, but I want to keep India as a backup in case that doesn't work out. Based on current vaccination rates, many European countries are targeting a respectable vaccine coverage around June-August, have to wait and see how that pans out. I have got an admit with a good scholarship, so the cost isn't too high compared to some top Indian MBAs, and I would like the international experience.


I can answer from an MBB perspective but it will also help to reach out to some current folks in the firms you are interested in to see their viewpoints.

1. Most of the people that join after a posgraduate do so after an MBA and are from IIMs and ISB. There are some from top tier US schools as well, and from Europe it is INSEAD and LBS (very limited numbers). I personally did not know of other schools/programs but recruiting has definitel diversified over time

2. Only English, no other requirements

3. Yes it can be of assistance but mainly if the European partners know partners in the India offices

4. Work quality is on par globally with main differences centered around communication stlyle. The culture of each office reflects the culture of both the firm and the country, you cannot expect people to fundamentally change. That being said there are norms and values that are firm specific which you have to abide by and believe in

5. Great exit options after MBB within India. Not sure what you mean by general working conditions...



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Hi there,

These are fantastic questions! While I don't have answers to these questions in particular, you should absolutely keep track of them and leverage them for networking calls.

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