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Anonymous A asked on Apr 25, 2020

Hello all,

I have an offer from F&S for the role of consultant, life sciences. Considering the present situation, I do not have any other offers at the moment and hence probably going to take it.

Could someone tell me how is the reputation of F&S like in the consulting space if I want to switch to a bigger brand later?

Thank you,

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Anonymous replied on Apr 27, 2020


The type of consultancy F&S does is quite different from what MBB or similar does. F&S is more of a research consultancy instead of management or strategy consultancy. So don't expect the experience to give additional advantage (compared to a non-consultant job) just because it claims to be a consultancy firm.

That said, in the current situation, there is no harm either to take the offer. If you plan to move out in 1-2 years anyway, just use the time to earn some money and also prepare yourself for a career switch. And 1-2 years is not much of a time cost if you have to start from the entry level of a management/strategy consulting firm (which is likely the case). Just make sure you manage your expectation.



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Anonymous A on Apr 28, 2020

Hi Emily, Thank you and really appreciate the response.. :) I think I shall take the offer and build my network out of the company in other Tier-1 companies and move out in 1-2 years.. :)

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replied on Apr 27, 2020
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It´s the classical small boutique, that is not really comparable about scope of type of work with MBB. However, for sure would give you relevant insights about consulting.

Key thing here would be to don´t give up your long-term goal of going to MBB.

Hence, don´t get there and stay for years, but keep your eyes open for new opportunities (and generate them)

You can use it as an intermediate step to MBB if you play it smart.

Hope it helps!



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replied on Apr 26, 2020
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Dear anonymous,

F&S is for sure not one of the most attractive brand in the consulting worl, but you don't have to worry about it. As far as you don't spend years in that company, it will not affect your future applications. Try to keep going with other hiring processes and there won't be any problem to switch your company.
The only problem that you should consider is that the new company could not recognise your "tenure" in F&S and you should start from scratch as a "fresh-graduated". That's another reason why I suggest to apply as soon as possible for your target companies.


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Anonymous on Apr 26, 2020

Hi Luca, thank you for the reply.. I am a MBA'20 graduate and as of now, many of my target companies are on a hiring freeze.. I am worried this step should not create a problem for me to switch to other companies later..


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replied on Apr 26, 2020
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They seem to have a good brand as a boutique consultant. I think the biggest consideration here is that switching after one year will be a challenge, so this a firm where you would want to work for 2-4 years?

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Anonymous A on Apr 26, 2020

Hi Thomas, thank you for the reply.. I am a MBA'20 graduate and I hope the job market becomes normal in an year.. So, I might want to switch after 1-2 years in F&S.. This is the concern I have whether to take the offer or not..

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replied on May 01, 2020
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Hi, I confirm it is a good brand and I agree to take it. However, I would continue in the interview process of other most prestigious firms. There is nothing bad about refusing an offer signed or exiting the firm once you entered.



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