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Anonymous A

Hi All,

Do Experts use cases from PrepLounge or do they have their own cases?


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Francesco replied on 04/27/2017
#1 Expert for coaching sessions (1800+) | Ex BCG | 900+ reviews with 100% recommendation rate

Hi Anonymous,

as previously mentioned, that would depend on the expert. In general terms, it’s likely most will use their own cases as:

  • Many experts have gone through several cases during the preparation, hence they have a substantial database of cases which may include several cases outside PrepLounge
  • Each candidate is different and has its own points of strengths/weakness; therefore limiting only to the PrepLounge cases could be limiting compared to use the full knowledge an expert could provide with other cases, in order to better fit the needs of the candidate; and finally
  • Many candidates may have already practiced on the cases available on PrepLounge on their own; thus would be more efficient for an expert to base his/her method on cases outside the platform.

Personally, for the previously mentioned reasons, I use my own cases.



replied on 04/26/2017
x-BCG Dubai / recruiting lead for the US / interviewer, currently Regional Operations Manager @ Uber

Hey there!

I can only speak for my approach here, but I tend to to both. In most cases, I find cases from PrepLounge fairly solid, and I adjust the difficulty based on the candidate's experience and performance. Alternatively, I give some standard BCG cases from past projects of mine (pretty easy once you have worked on the actual case).

Hope you find this helpful.



Currently non-active expert
replied on 04/26/2017

Most of the PrepLounge user will have at least scanned through the cases on this site... Therefore, I always use my own.

Currently non-active expert replied on 04/26/2017

Guess it's up to you/the Expert. Just write to the expert before scheduling the meeting and ask them.

I use my own cases.


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