Capstone/Emeralds Program - how to get into the program?

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Malte asked on Nov 29, 2016
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I’ve heard that at BCG you automatically get into the Emeralds Program via participating in the “top events”. How is it for McKinsey and the Capstone program?

And in general, what are the advantages of being in either of those programs? Are your chances to have a successful interview outcome much higher?

Thanks in advance!


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Anonymous A replied on Dec 01, 2016

hi malte,

as far as i know at mck not every participant of such events automatically gets into the capstone program.

benefits of capstone program are

  • you get a mentor

  • guaranteed invitation for an interview

  • invitations to events like cooking, wine tasting, cycling etc…

  • trainings for interview preparation or other topics like communication

  • plus you get to know really great people - mck consultants and other candidates

so as conclusion i would say it does increase your chances for a successful interview outcome.

hope i could help you

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