Can you give an example of an answer to a PEI question on entrepreneurial drive? What if the challenge is a typical team-work related issue or interpersonal interaction challenge and there is a risk of it sounding similar to an answer to another dimension?

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I believe the key here is to understand what is meant by 'entrepreneurial drive'. From my understanding, entrepreneurial drive is when an individual goes above and beyond what was required to deliver an exceptional output. This does not mean you have to of set up your own business (although that could be a good example). Completing an assignment during an internship to an extremely high standard where you exceeded all expectation, despite significant challenges, would be a great example.

Good entrepreneurial drive stories must include:

  • New approaches

  • Having an idea and implementing it despite a not helpful scenario

  • Achieving a goal which is clearly outside your regular role and responsibilities

  • You wanted to achieve something by yourself (and no one else imposed this task on you) and can explain a strong motivation behind

  • Several big obstacles which you needed to overcome - Ideally, you have 3-5 major obstacles which you needed to overcome in this situation to be successful – while the obstacle as such is needed as general context information, the interviewer will be mainly interested in how you overcame those obstacles (your “actions”) and what your thinking was (your “decision-making rationale”

One final point, you highlighted that often PEI stories cover similar themes (e.g. teamwork or leadership). This isn't a problem (if anything it's a positive because you can use one story for answering several different PEI questions), however, it's critical to focus on the aspects of the story which answer the specific PEI question being asked.

Hope that helps and good luck!



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