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BCG - GMAT Type test + Potential Test?

Anonymous A asked on Jul 26, 2018 - 2 answers

Hello everyone,

I was invited to the recruiting process for BCG.

They told me I have to take 2 tests:

1. A math test (in 3 weeks)

2. Online case (2 days after the math test)

Any tips on how to best prepare in 3 weeks? (80/20).

As far as I understand the "math test" is the GMAT type test, and the "online case" is the well known Potential test.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you all!!!

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replied on Jul 26, 2018
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There are 3 types of written tasks you may have:

  • Math test - GMAT-like math test
  • Online test - problem-solving test with a business situation
  • Written case - they give you a case and you have to make a presentation

As you can see there is no "Online case". I also have never heard of BCG giving both Math Test and Online test. However, you should double check with the interviewer

I have uploaded all test and written case samples here (Online test is about airlines, the written case is about wine):

(ask me for a password)


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replied on Jul 26, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

for what concerns the potential test, I would recommend the following:

  • Practice as much as you can on Potential test simulations. You should be able to find online the Med-Lines case, either on a PrepLounge or on Scribd (just google that). After that, Igotanoffer has several others you can purchase online
  • Once completed the BCG test simulations, move to PST practice. You can find a good number of PST test online for free. PST is different from the Potential test (the structure is not the same, in the Potential test you get penalized for wrong questions while in the McK PST you don’t, etc), but it is definitely closer to that than GMAT questions.
  • Do all the simulations with a time constraint. Then, after each test, report all the mistakes you did in the test. You will likely find mistakes have something in common (eg, wrong math; too much time wasted on some questions; wrong interpretation of graph; etc). Then work on these categories one by one. Many people do these simulations concentrating only on the final score and don’t spend time categorizing the type of mistakes, thus not improving their performance.
  • If possible, don’t print the sample tests; rather, do the simulations while at your computer. As it is a computer test, during the actual one you cannot write down notes near the questions and you will have to go back and forth to the different parts online; if you practice on the paper version only, you will find different dynamics the day of the interview which could influence your performance.

As additional notes:

  • Calculators are generally not allowed, but there are exceptions in some countries (you can clarify that with HR).
  • You have to take into account you get penalized for wrong answers, so you should adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Math practice, graph interpretation and quick reading training can also be useful. You can find some more comments on that at the following link:

Hope this helps,


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