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Anonymous A asked on Sep 06, 2018

In the Bain case "Asian lubricants producer" it states in the solution that they use the How-to-win market entry strategy and its five dimensions (Product, Production, Distribution, Brand, Price) to successfully enter the market.

Are these solutions the official ones of the company? If yes, I should keep this market entry "framework" in mind for my Bain interview, right?

Also, whats the difference between such an organic Market entry strategy (like the one in the case) compared with a go-to-market strategy?

Thanks for your answers in advance.


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It's definitely not the official point of view and most probably 95% of the consultants have never seen this case. Thus I recommend using this example as many other case examples that help you develop your problem-solving skills.


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Anonymous updated the answer on Sep 06, 2018

If there were an "official" answer on how to do market entry it would be easy and more companies would succeed at it. And then you also wouldn't need highly paid consultants for it. Because none of the frameworks say: In step one, hire some consultants to do steps 2-5.

These frameworks are not gospel and they are not cooking recipes! They are helpful tools to structure your thinking, your work and how you present results. And they help to make sure you cover all your bases.

So yes, take a couple of frameworks and throw them against a problem. See which ones are helpful, and which are not. If you do this often enough, you will see a given problem and have an idea about a framework (or two, or three) that may help you tackle it. But please don't follow any framework slavishly.


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