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Bain London office interview format?

Anonymous A

Hi everyone,

The impression that I get after my quick online research is that Bain London office uses a combination of both interviewer and interviewee-led case formats? And for their interviewer-led format, they are not as structured as McKinsey formats. What do you guys think? Any previous expeirence?

Thansk all!

replied on 11/17/2017
Ex Bain and A.T. Kearney / 200+ real interviews / Landed all Big 3 offers

Hi Anonymous,

Even though candidate-led cases are the most common types of cases at Bain (this applies for any office) you will find occasionally also interviewer-led cases. Regarding the interviewer-led cases, they are in general very similar to the McK format but to some extent less structured. As a matter of fact, at Bain you would probably receive a couple of slides from real cases (sanitized of course) to be interpreted or to use as an input for calculations.

Long story short, be prepared to crack both candidate and interviewer-led cases.

I hope this helps,


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