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Anonymous A asked on Oct 10, 2019


I had interviews with Bain thanks to a partner referral (the partner is working in another country). After they received my resume and cover letter, they contacted me very quickly and invited me to 3 interviews right away. I had the interviews with a partner and 2 managers.

It's been more than 2 weeks since I had the last interview but I didn't hear back from them yet. I am not sure whether I should send an email about the process and I also didn't understand why it took too long for them to give a feedback because it is not a recruitment season for the office and they are not interviewing with others as far as I know.

Any advise how to procced on this?

Many Thanks!

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Hi Anonymous,

Sometimes it may take a bit longer for them to provide you with the results and feedback.

Nevertheless, two weeks are quite a long time. You can contact HR to get an update about your situation - just call them because communicating via mailing will take longer. It is totally fine to contact them in such cases.

Do you need any further help?


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You can check-in with the recruiter to understand their timelines. Sometimes, firms keep you on a waiting listing if you are not a 'strong candidate hire' while they assess others, or wait to see if they accept an offer.

Are you an experienced hire or a graduate? And how did you feel that interviews went?

Either way, reach out and ask.

Does this help?

Best, Aws

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Hi Anonymous,

I would say 2 weeks is quite unusual for an MBB, you can definitely followup with HR on the process after that time.


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It is common to wait a few weeks to receive a response, as there might be other candidates applying for the same role, and they may want to assess your performance relative to them.

I would advise you to call the HR directly and get an update on the process. If possible, avoid contacting the interviewers or your contact in the company directly.



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Why don't you want to send an e-mail or call?

On their side sometimes it just takes too long to collect the feedback from the partners or to put them together on call if they have any concerns



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