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Anonymous A asked on Apr 16, 2018


I received a mail from Bain saying that I have passed the screening process and are invited to take 'the assessment' (at their offices not online). I also received an excel sheet which has formula's and macros to help me in preparing. It contained basic "market share", "percentages", and "breka-even analyses" type questions. After speaking with HR they clarified that it will be basic maltuplication/division type questions, and thats all that I could get out of them.

However, I need to know how similar the test will be to the excel they provided, or what type of questions the South-African branch typicaly ask in this 'numerical assessment'. Once I pass this only then does the case interviews begin.

Thanks for the help

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Anonymous B updated the answer on Apr 16, 2018


I went through this a few weeks ago.

What HR told you was exactly right. Practice all the concepts listed in the mail, including the table as well as use the excel sheet to learn acceptale estimation ranges. You'll really need it for the test.

Good luck!


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Greg on Apr 17, 2018

Thank you so much for the reply. Great! Quite relieved. So I am fine with the calculations - I just need to know timings now to see if I will finish in 1hr, or I need to work on my speed. i.e. how many questions and sections are there (is this assessment ONLY multiplication/Division/Break-even), and what is considered a 'pass'? Thanks in advance!

Tee on Aug 21, 2018

What is the structure of the test? Does it look like the Mckiney PST or like the GMAT?