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Bain Application with low undergrad GPA and High Masters GPA

Anonymous A asked on Aug 26, 2019 - 2 answers

Hi guys! I am applied to two of Bain's offices in Africa for the associate consultant role and even though I have a 3.61 GPA at my masters now, while I read actuarial science for my undergrad, I got a low gpa of 2.76 on a 4.00 scale. I applied to Bain with my transcripts from my Masters but today I got an email from the firm saying they needed additional information about my undergraduate transcript before they can review my application. I merged my current master transcript with my undergraduate transcript and uploaded it in the profile section of the application as the email instructed. Should I be worried? I am nervous


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replied on Aug 26, 2019
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It really depends on the policies of the local office. Just keep fingers crossed and wait for the results.


replied on Aug 27, 2019
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Since you showed an improvement in your GPA in your masters, there is a chance that they may not weigh high importance on your undergraduate GPA. You just need to wait and see.



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