Apply from grad job or look into MiM and apply during MiM?

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Siddharth asked on Aug 17, 2022

Hi All,

I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree as a Biomedical engineering student in the UK, currently the start of my final year.

I have done a placement with a pharmaceutical company as a data scientist and learnt more about consulting and I am pretty much nailed on the idea of going into MBB.


I am currently in 2 minds:

1. I should go for a MiM to help strengthen my CV and financial background plus stand out from the crowd as I will graduate with 2 degrees?

Applications for MiM end in 1.5 months time and I am on track with GMAT prep/applications.


2. Should I directly apply for MBB grad roles now and forget about MiM? I have done a decent amount of case prep and would say I am 25% ready for case interviews as compared to being 100% ready if I were starting to apply during the MiM?


(3. Do both? Apply for MiM and for MBB grad jobs? Get a job and delay to after graduating MiM if i wanted or join after graduation?)



Also, how instrumental is a MiM to act as a pathway into consulting? Is it a waste? As it is quite costly too at the top European business schools…



Thanks in advance!


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replied on Aug 17, 2022
Ex McKinsey EM & interviewer (5 yrs) USA & UK| Coached / interviewed 200 +|Free 15 min intro| Stanford MBA|Non-trad

Hi there,

A couple of thoughts

  1. Absolutely apply for MBB in the undergraduate recruitment round. If you're not at a target university then reach out to the London offices for each Firm and introduce yourself to the recruiting team. Attach your CV as well so that they know who you are. 
  2. It doesn't sound like a Master's in Management is necessarily the right path for you. MBB doesn't recruit from MiMs differently to how they recruit from undergraduate degrees, and so you won't have advanced your position with regards to landing a consulting role. MBB are interested in what you've done which is excellent. You are at least just as well if not better placed to take a role in industry if you are not successful in this recruiting round and try again next year. The only exception to this would be if there's a strong personal reason why you want to do a MiM. For example, is there a course that you're particularly excited by or a particular skill that you want to learn? 
  3. Know your limits on your time and energy and don't stretch yourself too thin. It's a lot to prepare to nail the consulting interviews, as well as do the school applications and do your final year of university. Make sure that you're not overburdening yourself so that you do a lot of things badly rather than a few things well.

Good luck! 

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Siddharth on Aug 18, 2022

Thanks Emily. I do plan on doing a MiM for the main reason that it will help me get a lot of business experience and knowledge that I am keen on learning that I haven't in my engineering undergrad. Furthermore. I am keen on getting a MiM for multiple reasons especially in the long term: 1. Having a masters degree will be really essential for me in the next 4/5 years if I have to pivot or have to look at different exit opportunities, this can really make me stand out 2. Graduating from a top business school for a masters will help me further even when I go on to do an MBA/ executive MBA and could help me make a bigger jump then...... I just dont feel strong and backed in the long term in a financial/corporate setting if I just have an engineering degree, at some point I would have to turn to a masters/MBA whereas having a MiM early on can help me delay that decision a little bit and give me more confidence and knowledge in this field. I am interested to hear your thoughts on this as well. Thank you very much!

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replied on Aug 19, 2022
MBB | 100% personal interview success rate (8/8) and 95% candidate success rate | Personalized interview prep

Hi there,

If you have the time/energy why not do both!

If doing both would reduce your odds for both, then think long and hard about what you really want (where you want to be) and focus on the one that gets you there.

I will say, if your end goal is MBB, I'd rethink if a MiM is right for you (think more about an MBA).

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Siddharth on Aug 20, 2022

Thanks for your reply, Ian! Definitely agree with you. I want to reiterate that MBB is my end goal however my reason for doing a MiM is far more than just to use it as an entry for MiM. It is more about getting a masters in a business degree after doing an engineering undergrad and also getting 2 degrees for any future exit opportunities that may arise.

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updated an answer on Aug 18, 2022
Top rated McKinsey Case & PEI coach/Multiple real offers/McKinsey EM in New York /6 years McKinsey recruiting experience

Please do not go for MiM - these are just very expensive programs that are not target programs for MBB. You will be much better off applying right now (ideally with a partner referral) than spending 2 years and a lot of money there.

What school are you at currently in the UK?

The best grad program for MBB is doing an MBA from a top 10 school globally, everything else is not tailored for recruitment at these firms.


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Siddharth on Aug 18, 2022

Hi Udayan, Thanks for your comment. I am currently studying at the University of Sheffield which is #1 ranked in the country for the engineering degree that I am doing. I plan on getting into the top business schools across Europe for the MiM. The courses I am looking at in particular are 1 year long so hopefully that reduces the cost aspect of it. I have made further comments on the above post as to why I am keen on doing a MiM. I do still plan on applying for MBB internships to do prior to my MiM and these can be a good way for me to learn the application process for when I actually apply for the Associate/Analyst role and/or get my foot in the door with an offer as stated by the recruiters. I do see your point also that I wont have any advantage in the applications by doing a MiM as I am still going to be competing with similar graduates and master students next year when I apply for full time roles, but this is the opportunity cost? At least I can graduate with 2 degrees, 1 giving me a strong business background for the coming years....

Siddharth on Aug 18, 2022

You also mention getting a Partner referral, how would I attain that? Also, I was informed by another friend at McK that they are not allowed to give referrals to people that have/will have graduated in the previous 12 months or something like that?

Udayan on Aug 18, 2022

I have never heard of this 12 month rule. In terms of partner referral it takes a lot of networking to do it. I would highly recommend you do that. I understand Sheffield might have a highly ranked engineering school but that is only relevant if MBB actively recruit from there. In the UK from what I know it is largely Oxbridge, Imperial and LSE. If they come to your campus to recruit you will be good otherwise it will be a lot of work. As for MiM it sounds like you just want a grad program to go to and have made up your mind. I personally think it is much better to wat 4-5 yrs and do an MBA but everyone has a different approach.

Siddharth on Aug 19, 2022

Thanks Udayan, appreciate your advice! I will be heading to one of the top 5 business schools in Europe and all of those 5 are MBB target schools, I do think thats a good win alongside being able to get a post grad for the long run.

Emily gave the best answer


Ex McKinsey EM & interviewer (5 yrs) USA & UK| Coached / interviewed 200 +|Free 15 min intro| Stanford MBA|Non-trad
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