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Any insights of Roland Berger Vietnam?

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Edited on Apr 10, 2024
4 Answers
Anonymous A asked on Apr 06, 2024


I have completed my Bachelor degree and plan to apply some consulting firms. One of these is Roland Berger's Vietnamese office. When I searched the company's name, I acknowledge that they work for state-owned companies like VIMC and EVN. But when I talked to people with connection, they advised me to be careful and think carefully on applying to Roland Berger Vietnam. Some people said “no comment”. Upon further research on LinkedIn, I discovered that a number of consultants in the Vietnamese office tend to jump to competitor's firms after short period of time. 

Although I am genuinely interested in the role, I am concerned about company's culture, management team's direction, senior people's characteristics and its project.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from individuals who have experience with Roland Berger in Vietnam or elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Any advice or insights would be invaluable to me.

Thank you for your assistance and support.

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updated an answer on Apr 10, 2024
#1 Bain coach | >95% success rate | interviewer for 8+ years | mentor and coach for 7+ years

Hi there,

I would be happy to share my thoughts on your situation:

  • First of all, the feedback you received and the patterns you observed on LinkedIn suggest a potentially challenging work environment. High turnover can be a red flag but also an opportunity to fill in the gap with fresh talent. Personally, I haven't heard anything specific from any of my coachees.
  • Moreover, I would highly advise you to reach out directly to those former employees of Roland Berger that transferred to other firms. People tend to be more open and honest in one-on-one interactions and can provide you with insights that are not available through public channels. Networking with these individuals can offer you a clearer picture of what to expect and whether it aligns with your career goals.

If you would like a more detailed discussion on your specific situation, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.




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Content Creator
replied on Apr 07, 2024
Ex-BCG Principal | 8+ years consulting experience in SEA | BCG top interviewer & top performer


Sharing some insight based on having worked in consulting in SEA for ~9 years, and at both T2 and MBB.

SEA as a consulting market is still not as mature, both in terms of maturity of clients and also maturity of consulting firms. 

This has several implications on many aspects of the nature of the work and the way the business is run. 

T2 firms will most of the time be significantly smaller than MBB, and this again has its pros and cons though in my experience more cons than pros. 

Personally, from my experience, RB really wasnt a competitor when I was at Kearney nor at MBB. In addition, speaking to some people who either have worked there or tried interviewing, the way things are run there are quite different from how MBB and some bigger T2 firms might do things. I would suggest considering other T2 firms that have been showing greater growth (EYP, Kearney etc)

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Content Creator
replied on Apr 08, 2024
#1 rated MBB & McKinsey Coach

I had a couple of candidates from Vietnam, and I had never heard anything in particular about RB. 

It would make sense to be cautious though if you've heard this from a few sources. 

My recommendation would be to try and speak directly with the people who transferred from RB. If you speak with a few I expect at least one will tell you the whole story. 

You can use this framework here on how to source contacts via LinkedIn:


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replied on Apr 08, 2024
Bain | Roland Berger | EY-Parthenon | Mentoring Approach | 30% off first 10 sessions in May| Market Sizing | DARDEN MBA

Three pieces of advice:

1. Check Glassdoor

2. Network

3. Apply anyway and check your “gut feeling” when you go there for an interview and meet their consultants.

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Hagen gave the best answer


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#1 Bain coach | >95% success rate | interviewer for 8+ years | mentor and coach for 7+ years
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