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Anonymous A asked on Sep 15, 2019

BCG Just gave me a Pymetrics test for a summer internship. Anyone have insights as to how much this matters? Anyone have any advice?

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replied on Nov 18, 2019
McKinsey | BCG | CERN| University of Cambridge

Hello there,

Pymetrics is utilized as a way for companies to assess prospective candidates' personalities and capabilities through neuroscience-based gamified tests.

The assesed soft skills garnered through the test is a crucial element of consideration which interviewers typicaly aimed to evaluate during the case interviews, as such the result themselves would be very important as an indicator for the firm .

The only question here is until what extent Pymetrics results has proven to be accurate.
Hence, the importance of cross-checking such findings with direct observations.

Based on my experience, looking at the equivalent PST from McKinsey and SHL tests from other firms, there is actually a vast room for discretion on the preliminary tests results.
It is used in combination with a prospective candidate's CV, which usually weighted much heavier than the online test.

Additionaly, Pymetrics results indicates one's soft skills capabilities such as the ability to concentrate, multi-task, or resolve conflict. There is no one preferred model throughout all the assesed elements as each people would have a unique set of combinations.

My advice here is to approach the test with a clear mind, aiming to do your best, without trying to mold yourself to a 'perfect consultant', as technically there is none. The firm requires different sets of skills to complement each other.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,

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replied on Sep 03, 2020
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


It's important. However, I recommend asking your classmates (ex MBB) to refer you to an on-campus recruiter. That's the best way to guarantee an on-campus interview.


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replied on Sep 03, 2020
BCG | 100% personal interview success rate (8/8) and 95% candidate success rate | Personalized interview prep

Hi there,

The test is taken seriously and it is an important step in the screening process. You cannot "fail" it an continue in the interview process. Just like you cannot "fail" HR screening etc.

That also being said, you can "mess up" certain sections and still's a holistic review.

There's a good recent Q&A on this here:

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replied on Sep 10, 2020
McKinsey | MBA professor for consulting interviews

Hi, I confirm it is important. For additional material to prepare it, feel free to text me


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McKinsey | BCG | CERN| University of Cambridge
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