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Anonymous A asked on Aug 02, 2019 - 3 answers

Dear community,

I just landed an offer at Amazon (Brand Specialist) and was wondering if it is a good path towards MBB.

During next weeks I will have my first round interviews with both Mck and BCG, so I would like to know if its worth to sign Amazon's offer and then in 2-3 years time apply again to these two firms or if its better just to grind these interviews and try to make the offer (I would have to decline the exploding offer)

Thanks for all

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Alexander replied on Aug 02, 2019

I think that really depends on your background (which somewhat dictates your chances of getting an MBB offer), on the country you're in, and on what you're passionate about. For example, a friend of mine just started a job at Amazon earning $250k - but he is located in the Bay Area, and that influences his offer a lot. In fact, he earns more than he would at MBB, and working at a FAANG is equally prestigious. If you are in situation similar to his, I would recommend taking the job and seeing where you're at in a few years.

Regardless of your situation, working at Amazon wouldn't bar you from trying for MBB in a few years. And, there is, of course, no guarantee that you'll make the MBB offers happen - it's always tough. I would recommend thinking the potential outcomes (Amazon, MBB, neither) through, figuring out how likely they are and then how you would feel about them.

Good luck!

Vlad replied on Aug 02, 2019
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I would do my best to secure an offer from MBB. From our MBA class, our of all the people who were doing internships with Amazon only a couple continued full time. Overall feedbacks are pretty bad. At Amazon, you'll be doing the linear function while at consulting you have much more options. Also, the career trajectory at MBB is much faster.


Francesco replied on Aug 02, 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

if your goal is to eventually land an MBB offer, I don’t see reasons why you should not try to get it now. I would not decline the Amazon offer though; if you have an explosive offer, the options that you have are:

  1. Call McK and BCG, mention you have an offer from another company and ask if you can accelerate the process – if feasible they are usually happy to accommodate
  2. Ask Amazon to wait more – usually difficult to justify though
  3. Sign the contract, continue the process with McK and BCG and drop from the hiring process with Amazon in case you receive an offer – you have to consider if this works for you from an ethical point of view.



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