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I have been offered a position at both AlixPartners and Advancy London, but I am having trouble deciding which one to accept.

Which firm is better in terms of:

- Exit opportunities/prestige: both in the consulting world and in Industry - I'd like to keep a chance of entering an MBB in the future if I want to

- Type of missions: I'd like to work on some market-entry/M&A missions. AlixPartners seems to mainly focus on operations, but will I get a chance to work on some high-level missions as well there? It's not clear for me, even after talking to interviewers

- Culture.

I feel that AlixPartners seems to be a better match in terms of fit, but Advancy is a better match in terms of mission.


Thank you for your help

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replied on Feb 01, 2022
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Hi there,

In terms of exit opps/prestige I *think* Alix Partners ranks higher here, though that is based on me having heard of them more.

In terms of the rest, you truly need to do this research yourself. Culture is a relative thing and depends on you. Type of work also depends on you.

I highly recommend you spend time really reflecting on what you want and what your values are. Then, network with people, and pick up the phone and talk to them to see what the companies are really like!

Congrats on the offers and good luck with the decision :)

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replied on Jan 31, 2022
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replied on Feb 04, 2022
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I agree they´re very similar, but I would agree with other coaches that Alex Partners is somehow more known, and hence more prestigious, that is a key KPI in the decision making (at least for me). 

Hope it helps!



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