A. T. Kearney - How is it different and what are the main pros of joining?

A.T. Kearney
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Could you please help me understand what would be the reasons to join ATK (compared to MBB or others)? Is there some USP they are famous for? Did you have an experience working there? How is it different (in a better way)? The official descriptions on websites are unfortunately very much the same language everywhere, you could just substitute the company names...

Thank you.

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Hi A,

It will depend on the region where you are applying, they might be serving other clients.

ATK is strong when it comes to Procurement - so a big focus there. Having said that, MBB have stronger brand names all over, so you need to keep that into consideration when deciding where to work.

In the end, it is also about the people that you will work with. So if you get the chance to interview with more than one firm, go for it. You will only learn more from it.

Hope this helps!


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I have worked in ATK and BCG, thus I should be able to make a comment on this. I can tell you that it is highly region-specific. For instance. in Turkey, ATK is a growing office with only ~10 consultants whereas BCG has 60+, thus the difference is apparent. However in some offices e.g. London or Dubai, the difference is not as much. What I can advise you is that you should try to speak with people from these offices to get a better understanding of the culture, type of projects etc.



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