2. Round of Capgemini

Anonymous A asked on Jun 30, 2016 - 5 answers

Hi folks, I passed the 1st round of Capgemini (telephone interview) in Germany and will take the 2nd round in 10 days. The staff from Capgemini told me that the 2nd round will last 1 hour and will be similarly structured as the telephone interview. Can anybody give me any details about the 2nd round of Capgemini? Which case format (candidate-led?) will be used there? What typical case types will be asked if I applied for the corporate excellence & transformation? Which professional questions might be posed? Any comments or tips are highly appreciated! Thanks a lot!

5 answers

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Anonymous B replied on Jul 06, 2016

- for the inventory (saving time - you dont have to count every item)

- Also for check-out (supermarket trolley can be scanned at once - cashier does not have to scan eevry item and company can save money for equipment at check-out)

Anonymous A replied on Jul 06, 2016

Hi, thx again for you quick reply! I checked the word RFID and found the following word radio-frequency identification. I am wondering what you have answered to the case how the retailer implemented RFID. Many thx in advance!

Anonymous B replied on Jul 03, 2016

It was candidate-led (in Munich).

Anonymous A replied on Jul 02, 2016

Thank you for your reply! Do you know whether the case format is candidate-led? Thx!

Anonymous B replied on Jul 02, 2016

In my case: how can a retailer implement RFID?

Personal part: why did you do an internship at ...? What is your role in a team?