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Strategy Consultancy
50 employees
Process Improvement, Sales Optimization
Automotive, Banking and Insurance, Media, Pharma & Healthcare, Technology, Telecommunications, Tourism, Trade and consumer goods
Map of Vocatus AG locations

About Vocatus AG

About Vocatus AG
  • About Vocatus AG

You think top-class and challenging consulting is super exciting, but if you're completely honest, you don't feel like spending the next few years as a hotel nomad, working 60 to 80 hours a week? Then you've come to the right place.

We don't work hypothesis-driven, but on the basis of empirical surveys, which we conduct project-specifically for our clients. That's why we are not on-site with our clients the whole week but work primarily in our office in Munich or from home with normal working hours.

We advise large international corporations in the area of pricing strategy and sales optimization. Here we consistently apply the findings of Behavioral Economics. This means that we do not simply assume that the consumer wants more and more performance and features for as little money as possible and makes rational decisions based on complete information. Instead, we take an empirical look at the end customers' real decision-making process for this product and this company and develop our strategic recommendations on this basis. Although initially, this is a bit more complicated than hypothesis-driven work, it is much more successful in the long-term because our recommendations can actually be implemented.

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