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Management Control, Finance/Controlling, IT, M&A, Marketing, Organization, Pricing, Process Improvement, Procurement, Sales, Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Transactions

About DHL Consulting

DHL Consulting is an independent management consultancy dedicated to creating value for Deutsche Post DHL Group, its customers and external companies that seek to improve their supply chain performance. Through excellence, insight, collaboration and objectivity we enable our customers to solve any business challenge.

The challenges we are working on includes: developing growth-oriented supply chain, improving performance of key parameters, managing high complexity of supply chain, creating green initiatives for customers etc.

We have a strong business expertise in logistics. We believe that our approach to teamwork stands out in the consulting industry. Based on mutual respect and collaborative support, our culture enables efficient transfer of knowledge, close collaboration and excellent results. In DHL Consulting, our people not only grow professionally, but become more than just colleagues.

Career at DHL Consulting

In DHL Consulting, you will have many opportunities to work for top management of Deutsche Post DHL Group in shaping the future of their world businesses. Besides, you will leverage your skills to help external customers solve supply chain challenges.

You are at the core of our people-based business. We have a history of developing high potentials who later join upper management. Your development is our utmost priority because we want you to grow to be one of the best. 10 days of training is offered for every employee annually.

Career at DHL Consulting

Application Process at DHL Consulting





Role play



Organized travel

Common recruiting day

One-day decision

After handing in your application online, we will review your qualifications. We will reach out to some of you and ask for additional documents. The next step is an online assessment. If we want to get to know you personally, we will invite you to one of our frequent recruiting days.

Typically, there are two rounds assessments in the recruiting day. Both interns and full-time employees are required to participate in Round 1 which consists of two interviews, both including a business case and personal fit. If you seek for intern position and succeed in Round 1, congratulations, we will offer you a contract at the day. If you seek for full-time position and pass Round 1, you will go to Round 2 which consists of two interviews, one of them contains a role play. If you pass Round 2 successfully, congratulations, from this moment, you are part of DHL Consulting.


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Company Cases by DHL Consulting

Solved 31.2k times
4.3 5 10407
| Rating: (4.3 / 5.0)

You have been hired to support the owner of a bike-shop as a business consultant. The bike-shop has suffered a significant revenue decline during the last year, and now the owner would like you to assess the situation and options for the way forward. They want to know last year’s profit, i.e. how i ... Open whole case

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A friend of yours recently got promoted to the position of director of a university library. Yesterday, your friend received a call from the Ministry of Education, who offered him to be part of a national RFID pilot with his library. As your friend is unsure if he should pursue this option, he asks ... Open whole case

Articles about DHL Consulting

October 10, 2018

#AskDHLC – First-hand insights directly from DHL Consultants

Within our feature #AskDHLC, you had the unique opportunity to directly get in touch with DHL Consulting.

Yashasvi (Consultant) and Noel (Consultant) shared their personal experience at DHLC and were happy to answer your questions. Furthermore, Tijana (HR Specialist Recruitment) offered you useful advice on your application.

To keep you up-to-date, here is a short overview of the top Q&As:

What is the interview process at DHL Consulting? Yashasvi:

"Thanks for your question. We have 4 rounds of case interviews (1 hour each with ~15 min of 'behavioral fit' questions) which are all typically scheduled in the same day called 'recruiting day'. This makes it convenient for the candidate as the end-to-end processs from ... (more)" ... See More


Jobs at DHL Consulting

Events with DHL Consulting

November 22, 2018 in Cologne

Case Study Course with DHL Consulting at DHL Consulting

Case Study Course with DHL Consulting

Our recruiting events, workshops and training days are an excellent opportunity to get to know us better, sharpen your skills, find an internship or maybe even get a job. Don’t miss your chance, we look forward to meeting you.

November 29, 2018 - December 02, 2018 in Ingolstadt

DHL Consulting @ WFI Consulting Cup at DHL Consulting

DHL Consulting @ WFI Consulting Cup

Our recruiting events, workshops and training days are an excellent opportunity to get to know us better, sharpen your skills, find an internship or maybe even get a job. Don’t miss your chance, we look forward to meeting you.

News Feed of DHL Consulting

November 06, 2018 09:48 am

In an interview, CFO Melanie Kreis explains the performance of the four divisions and details how the Group is handling the growing global economic uncertainties.

DHL Consulting Q&As

Best answer so far out of 2 answers:
McKinsey/Private equity/Harvard University/Warwick Business School/>150 real cases

Hi A, My suggestion is to use McKinsey PST Practice test to prepare for DHL consulting. It should be similar to McKinsey PST with text interpretation, graph analysis, calculations and synthesis.... (more)

Best answer so far:
Bain & Company | University of Cambridge | CV/Resume writing | 770 GMAT

I am not sure about the interview process, but there are some DHL consulting cases available on Preplounge. From these you can get an idea of the type of cases they ask. You can also find info. on... (more)

Hey Ekundayo, On your first question, I don't think that there's a single course better than the others in preparing students to be successful consultants (courses with business, economics or engin... (more)

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