Bain Consultant | UC Berkeley MBA | Ex-United Nations | 3+ years of mentoring experience
Bain & Company, Procter & Gamble
Brazil (UTC -8)
USD 149 / hour
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Welcome, dear future MBB consultant! 😊

Here is some information about me, I hope we can meet soon and that I can help you with your casing journey!

  • I worked for Bain for 3+ years, and got offers from BCG and McKinsey back when I was applying
  • I have applied MBB cases to dozens of candidates, with multiple offers received
  • I am now pursuing my MBA in Berkeley and have more availability to pursue this passion: helping other people get into consulting!
  • I aim to apply relevant MBB cases during our sessions, giving you very specific and actionable feedback to help you improve. I will first understand your level of preparadness, what you aim to improve most and focus on that. I can also help if this is your first time solving a case and help you speed up your preparation!
  • I can also go over the personal experience part of the interview, so you know what to expect in the interview day!

 I know it is stressful but you CAN do it! It will be a pleasure to meet you.




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