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Who am I?

I joined Bain & Company in the Middle East over 5 years ago as a fresh graduate of an Electronics Engineering program with no prior business experience. Since joining Bain, I have consulted with multiple banks, public sector entities, and other businesses across a variety of sectors. I have also supported multiple high-potential candidates from universities throughout the world and some junior clients in interviewing and getting offers from MBB. From the initial switch from engineering to consulting to the accumulated experiences  in varied practices in consulting, I will provide all the help you need as you prepare to interview for MBB or other Management or Strategy consultancies.


My Approach

I approach interview prep with flexibility. There is a multitude of frameworks and templates and standard structures and answers out there, but my objective is to help you find a way to customize them and build your own unique method. You will learn how to drive a case in a way that showcases your talents and proficiencies and project yourself as a good fit without overusing standard answers. You will leave each session with pointed feedback and a plan to improve moving forward. I aim to give you both the confidence and comfort to succeed in your interviews and get the offer at your desired consultancy.

A typical first session with me consists of 3 parts:

  • Readiness assessment: We will discuss You. Your goals and ambitions, your preparations so far, your areas of strength and areas for improvement — all of these are crucial inputs to understand where you are an how I can best help you reach your goals
  • Mock interview / interview prep: Depending on your level of preparation, we can start with a short (30 min) practice case or  mock fit interview. If you are new to this, we can start on fundamentals of case prep: how to think about cases, how to build your framework or structure, what interviewers look for in a candidate's answer, etc. 
  • General Questions segment: Have any questions about the process? Want to know what to expect working for an MBB in the Middle East? Curious about specific practices or industries? Is this the right career for you? I will answer any questions you have  with no sugar-coating and provide the best advice I can from my experience with consulting in the region

Follow-up sessions will be customized depending on your needs. If you have had your questions answered before and are just looking for variety in practice cases and partners, we can tailor the first session to maximize time spent on practice. The point is to get you to maximum confidence and comfort in an interview setting.




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