Get your offer from McKinsey Dubai! Will help you navigate the process.
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Resume Review
  • Book a 30 minutes resume review
  • Send Majed your CV beforehand
  • Get detailed feedback and tips

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My Approach
  • My Approach
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  • Q&A Contributions
  • Education & Profession
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I will help you navigate the interview process and win an offer at top consulting firms in Dubai (particularly McKinsey)

  • Structure of the session: 
    • During each coaching session (~2hrs), we will cover the following:
      • Mock case interview
      • Mock fit interview
      • Comprehensive feedback: covering strengths/development with practical tips to improve along areas such as
        • Hypothesis-driven PSing
        • Structured communication
        • Synthesising large data set
        • Mental math
        • Chart/graphs analysis
        • Storytelling
        • Interview behaviour (e.g., confidence and maturity)
      • Q&A: This is your time to ask any questions about the interview, life/consulting in Dubai, and what it takes to succeed during your first year (getting in is one thing and succeeding is another!)
  • A little bit about me:
    • During my time at McKinsey, I coached 100+ candidates for the case interview
    • Spent 3+ years at Mckinsey, mainly focused on advising principal investors in the Middle East (Sovereign Wealth Funds and Family Businesses)
    • Managed to successfully transition from engineering to consulting to venture capital
  • Process prior to the session
    • Please share the following at least 1-day prior to the session
      • CV
      • Proficiency level with consulting interviews
      • Consulting firms you are interviewing with and when
  • Process after the session
    • Reach out at anytime if you have any questions along your recruitment journey
    • Happy to schedule another session focused on your development needs if required


Let me know if you have any questions! Happy to jump on a quick call before you make any commitments.


Best of luck!



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