Ex-BCG Head of Recruiting | Qualified Career Coach | Extensive knowledge of hiring frameworks | Detailed results-driven approach
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As the former Head of Recruiting at BCG I will provide candid feedback on what to improve on both fit and case interviews with a supportive yet results-driven approach.

Not only have I hired thousands of consultants in 8 years at BCG, I have also coached many prospective students at top-tier business schools to help them secure roles at MBB firms.


MBB SPRINT PACKAGE (6 sessions): EUR 1000 (equivalent to EUR 166/hour)

  • 3 fit interview sessions - I will provide in-depth recruiter knowledge on 'what good looks like' at the start of the first session detailing what and how you'll be assessed. Then detailed feedback on up to 3 competency stories per session (up to 9 stories in the package)
  •  3 case interview sessions: case sessions will increase in difficulty per session (one case per session), with candid feedback and time for Q&A so you can understand how to be 'interview-ready'
  • Bonus: Across all 6 sessions, I will provide feedback on your communication style, tips to improve and how to engage and build rapport with your interviewer (assessed as the third dimension across MBB firms).

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, happy to chat!

I look forward working with you to help you get as many offers as possible.


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