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My name is Miguel, I've been working in consulting (Bain & Company) since 2016 and I am currently finishing my MBA at INSEAD.


I can help you with (1) Case Interview Preparation and (2) MBA Application Advice.


(1) Case interview preparation (discounts up to 50% in first sessions)


How I can help you:

- Improving your CV (send me your CV in advance of our session with the context of the firms you are applying to and I will give you actionable feedback)

- Preparing for personal and fit questions (e.g., tell me about yourself, why do you want to work for us, etc.)

- Preparing for behavioral questions (e.g., tell me about a time when...)

- Preparing for consulting case questions (e.g., profits are down by 10%, what do we do?, how can we grow this business line?, etc.)

- Sharing my 4 years of consulting experience


Why I can help you:

- Underwent successfully the MBB recruitment process

- Participated actively in Bain's recrutiment process through CV screening and mock case interviews 

- Helped countless friends and INSEAD colleagues with CV screening and mock case interviews


(2) MBA application advice (discounts up to 50% in first sessions)


How I can help you:

- Improving your CV (often overlooked by candidates but one of the first things the Admissions team looks at)

- Helping you think through your essays and crafting your story

- Reviewing your essays

- Preparing you for the interview

- Helping you prepare for the GMAT 


Why I can help you:

- Underwent succesffully the admissions process for a top business school

- Helped several friends and colleagues get in


Send me a message (with no compromise) and let's chat! I can have the meetings in English, Spanish or Portuguese.





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