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My Approach
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  • Personal. We will adapt our session to make sure it fits to your phase of preparation. We can emphasize the personal fit questions or more the case itself (however, each session will have at least one case). I also want to know before hand, where you want to focus on:
    • Structuring your approach / Hypothesizing
    • Communication / Confidence
    • Creativity / Flexibility vs Frameworks
    • Quantification / Calculations
    • Synthesizing
  • Direct feedback. I will be very "Dutch" when I will coach you and provide you with feedback. That roughly translates to being honoust and (very) direct. I beleive this is the only way for you to get better. My main goal is for you to get more confident when doing case interviews and in my opion you can only do this when I tell what you are good at what you need to improve upon. Take the confidence from getting confirmation in what your good at and build it by improving on your EBIs.
  • Open. I am happy to share all my stories with you. It wasn't that long ago when I went through the interview procedures, so I still remember vividly what you are going through now. If you have any questions specifically about
    • How the transition from engineering to consulting is? (Aerospace / Offshore Wind Energy Engineering)
    • How the transition from entrepreneurship to consulting is? (Had a software development company and sustainable travelling startup)
    • Why I think consulting the best way to start your carreer?
    • What I have learned so far?
    • What is it like to work abroad? (I worked in Belguim, Spain and Ireland since I joined Kearney)
    • Anything else?

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