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MBB too aspirational for a very LOW GPA? :(

Anonym A fragte am 22. Mai 2019 - 4 Antworten

Hi everyone! :)

If I were to apply for the MBB it'll be for Australia (I'm not sure if the competitiveness varies based on the location)... but I'm sitting on a VERY low WAM (70ish). I know it's crazy (absolutely bonkers) to think I have a chance with the MBB with these credentials but would love to solicit some feedback from you and get some closure... My current situation looks like this:

1. Low WAM (70s) at GO8- Business degree

2. Work Experience (in-house strategy experience with one of the big 4 banks, worked a year at PwC in Risk consulting)

3. ECs (Co-chair of societies, random volunteer stints, won a few innovation challenges)

I'm not sure if there's an automatic GPA cut-off (meaning I won't even get to the screening stage)?

I'll love to hear from you (1) Do I even have a chance? Is there an automatic GPA cut-off? (2) If there's absolutely no hope... Should I do a masters? (would this discount the Undergrad GPA if I apply for a BA role)? Or should I just go for an MBA and apply for an Associate position? (I've heard the Undegrad WAM won't play a huge role with Associate applications)...

Thank you so much! :)

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antwortete am 23. Mai 2019
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Agreed there is not an automatic cutoff, but low GPA doesn't help - the more "distanced" you are from it the less impact it will have (to Vlad's point, it is still looked at).

In my opinion, there's no harm in trying, but make sure you really highlight your other achievements.

Additionally, acquiring additional work experience and getting an MBA does increase your chances (not to mention, reduces focus on undergrad GPA). Also, getting an MBA generally puts you in the situation of being able to apply for a Consultant role over an Associate role, which is certainly a big jump.

I'm in the Australian office and can attest to better chances here due to high growth (though very high standards still apply, over course). Please feel free to reach out if you'd like more region-specific advice!



Vlad antwortete am 22. Mai 2019
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antwortete am 22. Mai 2019
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Competitiveness does depend on office location to an extent, but MBB is MBB, and they have standards. I disagree w/ Anonymous2 that "GPA won't matter at all" if you are highly experienced. I was an experienced hire, 6 or 7 years out of MBA (15 years out of my first degree), and GPA was still looked at.

Do you have absolutely zero chances? No, I wouldn't go that far - but obviously, low GPA is not good. You'd need highly specific expertise / compelling trajectory / pretty amazing background to make up for that.

Note: MBB isn't the end all be all. Many amazing companies or work opportunities exist out there. Don't let their expectations define your path. Good luck

Anonym B antwortete am 22. Mai 2019


If you are not a fresh graduate GPA wouldn't matter at all. If you are; maybe better to work few years in different companies then apply...