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Experienced Consultant - Ex-Booz & Co. and McK Associate - INSEAD Grad

  • McKinsey & Company, Strategy&
  • English, French, Spanish
  • United States
  • $109 / hour
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Top skills

  • Understanding the different Elements to put together a tailored structure
  • Preparing Fit and Behavioral Questions
  • Setting up a realistic and purposeful preperation routine

My approach

I am a strong believer in fit and preparing just as much - if not more - for fit than the case so as to ensure that one can provide robust examples that are engaging and impactful and that ultimately highlight all the attributes sought after in a consultant. It is my contention that a strong behavioral / fit performance will go a long way in setting the tone for the case interview; that is, establishing the level of engagement of the interviewer and how willing he or she is in guiding you throughout the case so that you can succeed. Candidates often overlook this key element of the interview. Inasmuch as it relates to the case, delivering a clear structure that is tailored to the case will help tremendously. I hope to share with you the elements that inform tailored structures, including their deivery, during our time together. Also, I hope to provide insights as to how to read interviwers and useful tips that will ensure that you deliver strong and impactful conclusions for each case. I have interviewed with all the MBBs, including Deloitte and S&. I can offer you key insights on the different firms and the different interview styles. I have also sat on both sides of the table. Look forward to hearing from you!


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INSEAD, Southern Methodist University

Business Administration, Humanities, social sciences

Professional Experience

McKinsey & Company
2017 - now
Senior Consultant
2011 - 2015


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