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Many paths lead to Rome

Independent of the path, certain skills need to be shown. The case interview is an evaluation tool with many criteria. There is no golden-bullet to solve every case. It is not even about solving the case, rather about passing the interview.

Many traits can help to pass them, here are a few: Walk with determination, but look on your side. Speak with clarity and truth, but do listen. Argue solid and passionately, but be ready to step back.

As in life, there is no perfect case solution. There is no right or wrong. There is simply pass or fail.

Obviously, if you are reading these lines, you want to pass to be hired as a consultant.

Consultants hire consultants

So behave like one. I will help you improve your characteristics and thinking to behave like a consultant even before you have the interview. I will help you develop a consultant mindset.

So you will be able to be a consultant when it counts. Needless to say, I can also help you with the practical skills. However, in my view, that is the simple stuff.

If you think and act as a consultant, frameworks, methods and analytics is child’s play.

The best applicant is the one, who already feels like a colleague.

Find your path

When doing a case, the interviewer sets the frame. The interviewee paints the picture. The interviewee chooses the colors, the type of brush and the painting style. The interviewer stands at his side, all the times, engaged in the process.

This is also my case approach.

While painting and afterwards, I will give detailed action-able feedback. I will show you, what picture interviewer wants to see. I will help you paint it.



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