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Ex Roland Berger PM with over 150 interviews offers tailored training to ensure your success!

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Top skills

  • Broad interview experience enables benchmarking with other candidates from many different backgrounds
  • structure and attention to detail patience, detailed feedback

My approach

Over 3 years of intern and consultant recruiting experience with more than 150 interviews for Roland Berger will make the difference for your interviews! What can I offer you? - case study training with cases I have used many times (and for which I can compare your performance with other applicants) as well as personality interview training - profound insights into key qualification criteria, typical pitfalls and the recruiting process at RB, Bain and McKinsey - detailed feedback on your performance, weak spots and on ways how you can improve Our overall goal is to enable you to master different types of cases structured, fast and hands-on (not too academic)! Why you should choose me: I have worked at Roland Berger for about 5 years, starting off as a consultant with a special restructuring interview day conducted only by PMs, Restructuring partners and the Roland Berger chief recruiting partner. Obviously, my approach seemed to work...Over the following years, I worked in many industries and topics from high-level-strategy to performance improvement and restructuring. Besides, I have always taken a very active part in recruiting and have seen many candidates over the years. In Addition, I have friends (and former colleagues) doing recruiting for BCG, McKinsey and Bain, who know the application process and the qualification criteria there and who talk to me about it frequently...together, we will get you an offer!


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Bucerius Law School


Professional Experience

Roland Berger
Consultant - Projekt Manager
2010 - 2015
Roland Berger
Consultant - Projekt Manager
2010 - 2015


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