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You can find out more about my case coaching at www.caseinterviewexpert.com

I'm a former Consultant in the London BCG office and have spent a lot of time coaching cases and in recruiting roles at BCG (including as Head of London University Recruiting). During my time at BCG I was promoted early on both occasions during my tenure which put me in the top 1% of my class.


During my time at university I won the BCG London case competition (vs. 100 other participants) and placed 2nd in a competition judged by McKinsey and Deloitte (vs. 80 other participants).


I spent my gap year professionally case coaching students, and have given in the region of 150 mock case interviews and successfully coached over 15 students into top tier consulting roles.


I have also worked at 2 other consulting firms (Oliver Wyman and PwC Strategy), so am happy to discuss differences in case interview approach between (any) firms, and differences in work/culture etc.


I believe there are 4 dimensions to case success: 1) Business understanding and judgement 2) Logical thinking and structure 3) Quantitative/mathematical ability 4) Presentation confidence.


I will work with you to identify which are your strong and weak areas, and then work through cases with you to develop your weaknesses and accentuate your strengths. I am comfortable adapting cases on-the-fly, so we can work to your experience level, no matter whether you've done 0 cases or 100 cases.


I can also help you put a practice programme in place, so you have a structured build up to interviews. I think it is particularly easy for candidates to fall into the trap of 'learning how to do cases' too mechanically, so I place a big emphasis on really understanding the case and tackling it in a bespoke manner.


I believe you are only really ready to succeed interview when you actively want the interviewer to give you a hard/abstract case - just so you can show off how good you are. I'll help you get to that level.


Feel free to reach out with any questions or requests.



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