Former Bain Manager (3 yrs UK) focused on PE | Booth MBA | 30+ interviews at Bain; 100+ w/ MBB candidates | 760 GMAT
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Top Skills

Personalized and actionable feedback
Differentiating yourself (and your frameworks!) during the case interview
80/20 approach to cracking critical aspects of the case

John's Offers

Resume Review
  • Book a 30 minutes resume review
  • Send John your CV beforehand
  • Get detailed feedback and tips

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My Approach
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Why am I the right coach for you?

  • 3 years at Bain London (Consultant + Manager): 15+ cases in Private Equity, Financial Services, Industrials, Consumer Products, and Technology, and 30+ case and fit interviews given at the firm
  • Diverse experience across project types (due diligence, growth strategy, cost reduction, new market entry, operating model): Translates to familiarity with broad set of potential case study questions!
  • Deep familiarity w/ all MBB: Final rounds with all MBB at MBA (Chicago Booth); gave 100+ cases to classmates who successfully joined MBB, other consulting firms, Big Tech
  • 360 degree view of the case problem: I've cracked cases as a candidate and as a Bain Manager, but also take the unique perspective of a client. I exited consulting to a multi-decacorn Fintech and I leverage my 6+ years industry experience in Private Equity and Tech to help you understand how the client sees the problem

What will you come out of our sessions with?

  • A clear understanding of "what excellent looks like” in all parts of the case (clarifying questions, structured frameworks, mental math tips & tricks, driving the case, concise and clear communication, giving a convincing recommendation)
  • My proprietary set of case frameworks which I will provide you, as well as specific tools to double down on mental math, brainstorming, framework drills, and chart / graph clearing
  • Actionable, honest, and tailored feedback: I'll work with you on the specific aspects of the case / fit interview that you need to drill down on, and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate
  • Personalized preparation plan which summarizes your strengths and weaknesses and the key areas to focus on ahead of your interview
  • Insight into what it takes to ace the fit / personal experience interview, with clear examples of what your interviewer is looking for

What should you expect from our session?

  • Mock case interview that can be customized to your priority focus areas (difficulty, skills, capability, industry) 
  • In-depth, comprehensive feedback to ensure you are clear on any potential development areas
  • Ability to ask any and all questions you have about case / fit prep, consulting, interview readiness, etc., as well as my future availability for follow-up questions


  • Please send me your CV and LinkedIn profile before our session, as well as details on your upcoming interviews (firm, office, level)
  • Lastly, I want to ensure that your case interview prep experience is rewarding, personal, and F-U-N! Yes, you read that right – the best candidates are those who can have fun with the case, even under immense pressure, and let their personality and unique strengths shine!


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