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30% off first lesson - I adapt to your goals, your needs and your interview schedule

Fit interview training: 

  • What do recruiters want to hear? 
  • How do you tell the best stories that make you stand out? 
  • How do you nail strengths/weaknesses
  • How to stand out and prepare
  • How to be confident
  • How to manage ‘Zoom/Skype' interviews effectively
  • How to answer tough questions

 Case interview training: 

  • What questions to ask / how to derive the answer?
  • How to take control of the case
  • How to read graphs quickly and easily
  • How to manage ‘Zoom/Skype’ interviews effectively
  • Difference between interview led/interviewee led

If you are at the start of your preparation, I am what you are looking for. I will support you in putting a plan together, show you the basic tips and tricks, and show you how to present your best self. I will provide you with the key frameworks and guide you on manners, telling stories, answering in a structured manner that you need in order to succeed! 

I take a personal approach with all candidates, ensuring that I help strengthen their strengths, and minimise weaknesses. I assist candidates on taking control in their interviews, and supprt them throughout their journey.

Looking forward to meeting you!


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