Former Bain consultant and J.P. Morgan investment banker
Bain & Company, J.P. Morgan
United States (UTC -4)
$149 / hour
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My Approach
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What I Offer

  • Diagnostic: A discussion of where you are today and where you want to go. We will cover your progress to date (don't worry, none needed!), comfort with case interviews and behavioral interviews, as well as your career goals and your ideal offer
  • Prep Plan: From the diagnostic, we will work together to develop a completely customized plan to get you ready to crush your interviews. This will include number of cases to practice, resume sharpening, and a schedule of check-ins and full mock interviews.
  • Behavioral Interviews Prep: one-off practice behavioral interviews to make sure you are ready to share your story and stand out during the process
  • Case Interview Prep: one-off mock interviews - can be focused on a particular type of case or particular portion of a case (e.g., case starts, case math).

Why Me?

  • I was in your shoes recently! I understand how taxing the interview process can be and the fear that case interviews can bring. I also know that it doesn't have to be that way - with some guidance and a great plan, you can walk into your interviews cool, calm, and collected.
  • At Bain, I spent a significant amount of time with the recruiting team - I understand what top firms are looking for in candidates (spoiler: it's not what you think it is!) and how to best prepare for interviews.
  • I have spent time in private equity, consulting, and investment banking - I am always happy to share my experiences in all three industries as you navigate what is best for you.


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