Ex-McKinsey, KPMG, IQVIA | 7 years in consulting
McKinsey & Company, IMS Consulting Group, KPMG
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I used to train candidates for McKinsey interview as a dedicated coach from the McKinsey side for the last several years. I can easily spot if your skills are on the right level to start the interviewing process or not.

Together we can polish your CV, the fit story and bring your problem-solving style to the next level. During the 1h session, we can practice up to 2 case-studies (depending on your level) or focus on 1 case and calibrate the fit story.

You can also ask questions regarding my experience within McKinsey / KPMG / IQVIA. I can also give you a piece of advice regarding both Russia and the UK (where I currently live) as well as give you an outlook of my international experience within McKinsey.

Will be happy to help with your journey to consulting!


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