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I will help you get the McKinsey job!

I have noticed that the information on the McKinsey application process, the case interviews, the PEI, and the Imbellus that is often circulated is either wrong, outdated, or assumed to be the same as for any other consulting firm. As a consequence, the advice given can be detrimental to your recruiting success with the firm.

After 5 years at McKinsey, I left in January 2020 to move on to the tech world and entrepreneurship. As an experienced interviewer and coach on the whole McKinsey application process, I have helped more than 1,700 people alone in the last year with personal coaching and information products on McKinsey applications.

How can I help you best?

I treat each case individually and offer you tailored coaching based on your background, current status in the application process, timeline, and personal goals.

Generally, my coaching is comprised of three steps:


I can help you pass the screening stage and get the invitation for the interviews by working on your cover letter and resume. As a former resume and cover letter screener, I know exactly what McKinsey is looking for in the application documents. In addition, I know how to make referrals work and network your way to an interview both from a consultant's perspective as well as from my own personal story back in 2014.


Since November 2019, I have interviewed more than 150 candidates who took the new Imbellus and McKinsey Problem Solving Game. Based on their experience and input from game design experts I partnered up with, I have devised strategies on how to prepare and how to take the test that will make your life much easier and improve your scores.


As a former interviewer, I can tell you exactly how to approach both elements of the McKinsey interview process, the Problem-Solving / Case Interview, and the Personal Experience Interview. 

McKinsey interviews are highly standardized and structured, always consisting of the same types of questions in order to be objective and reduce bias. You can use this to your advantage and I show you how. Learn from my insights into performance drivers and mistakes that I gained in 100s of interviews.

Case interview: I emulate a real-life interview situation testing all relevant dimensions (analytics, creativity, math, communication,…), using only up-to-date case material and evaluation metrics.

Instead of learning generic frameworks, you will learn the most important habits for each stage and question of the case. With my habit toolkit, you will be able to solve any McKinsey case, regardless of industry or function.

Our sessions include detailed feedback on strengths and weaknesses as well as actionable improvement advice depending on your stage in the preparation process (from tackling major improvement levers to fine-tuning your performance). I will also send you structured written feedback after each session to summarize your performance and improvement ideas.

Personal experience interview: I will help you prepare/ improve and tell the right stories to align your fit with what McKinsey is looking for and make you stand out. I will demonstrate in our simulated mock interviews what stories about Entrepreneurial Drive, Leadership, and Personal Impact are suitable and how to tell them in a way that resonates with McKinsey interviewers. 

I will show you how to deliver your messages in both types of interviews with the most impact. Apply these techniques to pass this part of the interview easily.

As one of my coachees phrased it: 

 In hindsight, I find it hard to imagine a better, more time-efficient, practice. I ended up feeling really confident for the interview and got the offer.

Lastly, our sessions take as long as we need. I am not bound by a 60-minute time window, and usually, they last around 80 to 90 minutes if needed.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

I am looking forward to working with you!



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