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Quick background:

After graduating from Oxford (ranking second place in my class, and winning University wide prizes in both Prelims & Finals Exams), I have worked at a buy-side ultra-high-net-worth family-fund and at BCG. During that time, I coached >10 mentees to land jobs at top consultancies & FIs, mainly through my personal network. However, after acheiving early promotion at BCG, I have taken Leave Of Absence to study a Computing Science Masters at Imperial. That is why, whilst studying, i'm looking to expand my coaching network even further!

My approach:

Having passed multiple case interviews, acheived early promotion at BCG, and ranked second in class at Oxford, I have a proven track record of logical problem solving. When tutoring for consulting applications, I will provide you with the methods that I use to come to solutions. These will enable you to tackle whatever is thrown at you in interviews.

Moreover, having been a university recruiting lead for BCG consulting London, I know what top consultancies are looking for. My approach is not to give you a tick-list for CVs/cover letters, as this would compromise company ethics and lead to a totally undifferentiated application. Instead, i will work alongside you to shape your application to highlight why you are an excellent candidate and merit an interview. Often this issue is about framing, and my detailed knowledge of application criteria will ensure that your acheivements are recognised.

If you're looking to land a top consulting job, and ace the application process, then just drop me a message.




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