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EY-Parthenon London Engagement Manager | Interviewer for 5+ years | Coached candidates who got offers at McKinsey and Bain
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Commercial due diligence
Consumer goods and tech

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  • Book a 30 minutes resume review
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My Approach
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I have 6 years of work experience from EY-P Strategy in London, and having gone up the ranks from Associate to Assistant Director I have interviewed hundreds of canidates at Associate, Senior Associate and Consultant (post-MBA) levels. More than 80% of my experience has been in transaction-related corporate strategy engagements, specialising in consumer goods and TMT-industries. So if you're interested in any of those in particular, please do get in touch.  

I can help you ace the hiring the process every step of the way, and have recently coached candidates who scored offers from McKinsey and Bain, among others. 

Case study interviews:
I can help you prep for case studies with real-life examples we have used in the past, and provide detailed feedback on how to do better 

Fit interviews: 
I will teach you what to look out for in these, and how to prepare - again with specific real-life examples of people who have done well or failed 

CV / Cover letter writing
I know how CV scoring works (at EYP and elsewhere) and will help you tailor your CV to each situation 


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