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Prep4Success expert

Ex-Bain, current Head of Luxury Beauty at Amazon

  • Bain & Company
  • English, Portuguese, Spanish
  • United Kingdom
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My approach

I started my career as a criminal Lawyer. Then I decided that I wanted to have an experience in the world of management and I joined L’Oreal and, afterwards, Bain. It was not an easy career shift but the truth is that I have learned a lot throughout this process. It is very clear to me what it takes to get an offer from a top consulting firm especially if your background is not business or economics. Over the past two years, I have done over 200 interviews and helped more than 20 people to get an offer from a top consulting firm. My approach includes a particular focus on each major part of the interview: Fit: this part of the interview is absolutely critical. Sometimes I feel that most people overlook it and don’t prepare it as they should. There is not a second chance to create a great first impression and, therefore, a great start is crucial. Here I can help you to craft your story and make the most out of your past experiences. Also, I will help you to deal with unexpected questions and I will share techniques to help you empathize with your interviewer. Case: To ensure that the candidate is fully prepared to nail the case it is very important to practice different types of cases. I have carefully picked a set of different cases that covers the kinds of cases that normally are used by top consulting firms: • Some of the cases will be more quantitative, some others more qualitative • Some of the cases will be easier (ideal for someone who has just started preparing), some other cases will be very challenging (ideal for candidates who are about to have their interviews) • Some cases will be in well-known industries, some others will be in industries that candidates are not familiar with • Some cases will be about companies that want to enter a new market, others will be on companies that want to reduce costs, others on companies that have to decide on whether or not to invest in a particular project, etc. In addition to case interviews, I am more than happy to help candidates preparing for interviews for top business schools and also for marketing roles types. Feel free to reach me in case you have any question – I am more than happy to help you. Good luck! Best regards Nuno


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London Business School, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Business Administration, Law

Professional Experience

Bain & Company
Senior Consultant
2010 - 2013


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